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Who we are

Friends Helping Friends is a caring organization that helps our local friends in need by providing financial assistance – we pay bills for people who fall on hard times. It may change some day, but we’ve been an ALL-VOLUNTEER charity for over 40 years. 100% of our net income go toward helping our friends in need.  The only people who get money from FHF are friends in need!

Who we help

A Member’s sister who lost their job… a Member’s neighbor who is battling cancer… a Member’s employee whose spouse died from a car accident or a heart attack.  We help the friends and families of the Members of Friends Helping Friends – it’s that simple!   The people we help are are typically hard working folks who just need a helping hand. They’re often people who have never asked for – or needed – financial assistance in the past. As a Member of FHF, you can provide peace of mind by reducing their financial stress.  Visit our FHF YouTube channel to meet some of the people we have helped.

How we help

Members of Friends Helping Friends who donate only $150 (or more) each year can submit two requests per year to FHF, asking that financial assistance be given to someone they know.  The Member submits a simple “Request for Assistance” form that explains the situation, and FHF’s Criteria Committee quickly reviews it for approval.  Once approved, help is immediately on the way!  The process takes days, not weeks.  With the money raised by Member Donations, Corporate Sponsors, and Fundraising Events, FHF provides assistance to 40+ people each year.  We also ask Members to attend at least one Fundraiser Event each year.

Monthly Assistance:  Up to $200 per month (thus up to $2,400 per year) to pay bills.  Give us a medical bill, a past due electric bill, or a rent/mortgage invoice and we’ll pay it. It’s fast and simple.  We never write checks directly to the Recipient (person in need).  We often provide gift cards which can be used for gas, groceries, etc.

One-Time Matching Donations:  As a Member of FHF, we will match your donation up to $500, typically for an immediate need.  If you, as a FHF Member, raise up to $500 yourself (perhaps from you, your family, neighbors, friends), FHF will DOUBLE it!  That’s a huge benefit of being a Member of Friends Helping Friends.

Special Fundraising Events:  As we all know, sometimes $200/month or $1,000 just isn’t enough.  In these difficult situations, a Member of Friends Helping Friends can partner with FHF to host a special “private” fundraiser where 100% of the event profits go to the person or family in need.  In the past, a few of these events have quickly raised well over $10,000.  That’s the power of Friends Helping Friends!

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