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About Friends Helping Friends

Friends Helping Friends is about helping our local friends in need. This is a great group of people who help out our local neighbors who fall on hard times. We are ALL volunteers, therefore, 100% of profits go toward helping our friends in need.

The people we help are our hard working, friends and family members who just need a helping hand. These are not normally people who would ask for assistance. They are people who for some unforeseen circumstance, fall on hard times. Moms with cancer, dads who lose jobs, kids will major illness, families who experience tragedy.

When a participating member of our group has a friend in need, a “Request for Assistance” is made. It must be made by a “Participating Member” using our “Request Assistance” form. There are two types of members. Please see our “Become a Member” page for a description of the types of memberships. Requests must be validated by our criteria committee to ensure they are legitimate requests and that one of the participating members knows the recipient. Once the request is reviewed and validated, assistance comes quickly.

A few years ago, we were 50 people helping a dozen families. Today, we are over 400 people, and to date we have helped hundreds of our friends in need. As you can see, requests for help are growing faster than our membership. We ask your assistance in continuing our tradition of helping out local families who are experiencing tragedy and are in need of help. If you are not currently a member, we encourage you to join.

Assistance Friends Helping Friends Offers

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We offer several forms of assistance.

  1. Monthly Assistance – Any assistance must go toward actual expenses; Checks are never made out directly to the person in need. This is to ensure our donations are going directly toward the requested living expenses. To do this, we typically provide either grocery or utility Assistance from $50 up to $150 per month. Assistance is typically offered in the form of groceries, utilities or medical expenses.
  2. Matching a Member’s donation – If you have a friend that you would like to help out, we will match your donation up to $500. All requests for assistance must be validated by our criteria committee.
  3. Assistance with “Special Fund Raisers”  – This is a brand new form of assistance. In 2013 we were asked to help one of our friends who needed more than the catastrophic fund would allow. So the requestors decided to have a fund raiser and asked if Friends Helping Friends would sponsor it with them. This is designed to help people in extremely dire situations.

Check out our YouTube channel to meet some of the people we are helping.

For Questions, please contact us at FriendsHelpingFriendsOhio@gmail.com

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