Friends Helping Friends

Friends Helping Friends is a Cleveland-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation*.  Through donations, membership, and fundraising events, we raise money to help our friends in need.  We pay bills (utilities, rent, groceries, medical and funeral expenses, etc.) when folks need a helping hand. Click “About Us” to learn more.  Click “Donate” to donate now.


Forty years ago, a small group of close friends from Cleveland’s West Side got together for a casual Christmas lunch. Afterwards, they all threw in money to pay the bill. There was far more money than the bill required, so they decided to help out some of their friends in need. They made it an annual tradition and invited a new friend each year to the lunch. That simple act of generosity and kindness is how Friends Helping Friends got started.  Since our humble beginnings, FHF has raised and given away over $800,000 to hundreds of people who’ve fallen on hard times.  Will you please help us write another chapter in Our Story?  

 * our legal name is actually Friends Helping Friends, Cleveland West (Tax ID 43-2117294); formerly known as the Bill Fronczak and Friends Memorial Fund